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An Introduction to Neuroscience

Join the Introduction to the Neuroscience of Trauma training scheduled for 5th October

22 September 2023
All School Headteachers, Designated Teachers, DSLs, Pastoral
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What’s difficult about maths?

Meeting the needs of children with maths difficulties – a problem-solving approach

22 September 2023
All School SENCOs, Maths coordinators and teachers
Notebook with wellbeing text

Leading the Deep Dive in Maths

Join a half day online session in October to explore the process of a maths deep dive.

22 September 2023
All School Teachers, Headteachers, Subject Leaders
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Calling all budding decision makers

Opportunity for students to share their views on Oxfordshire County Council’s budget challenges.

22 September 2023
Secondary Heads, Deputy/Assistant Heads, Citizenship & School
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Fraud awareness training

Do you understand fraud? Are you aware of the Red Flags? Join us in October for this new training.

22 September 2023
All Maintained Schools
Notebook with wellbeing text

PACE training for school staff

Virtual School training delivered by Dr Hester Riviere on PACE

22 September 2023
All School Designated Teachers, DSLs, Pastoral Team