About schools news

If you are a colleague, partner, or national body working with schools and want your message to reach all schools in Oxfordshire, use Schools News. It is an area of the schools website where news items for schools are placed. We also send an email update to all schools each Tuesday with a summary of the news items.

If you are not a colleague, partner or national body working with schools, you can submit your message to the schools message board. We will provide links to it within our Schools News email each week.

Before writing your message

Please consider your answers to these questions before submitting your news item:

  • What is your headline?
  • Who within schools needs to read it?
  • What is the main message you want to get across?
  • What do you want people to know or do from reading your news item?

Make your message as clear and simple as possible. Mention key dates, locations and any additional links.

Messages may be edited, and you may be contacted by the Schools News Team so that they can find out more about your news item.

Submission deadline

You need to submit your item no later than Thursday at midday if you want your message to be included in the weekly round-up of news items the following Tuesday.