children colouring and pencils in metal bucket

Maths Subject Leader Update

Join our termly opportunity for Mathematics Subject Leaders

30 October 2023
Primary Maths Leads, Maths Teachers
Notebook with wellbeing text

Draft Health and Wellbeing strategy

Have your say on the new draft health and wellbeing strategy

27 October 2023
All Leadership, management and governanceSchool TAs Teachers, SENCOs, Headteachers
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Virtual School Annual Conference 2024

Join Oxfordshire Virtual School Annual Conference - a day of connection, learning and sharing of best practice.

27 October 2023
All School Heads, Designated Teachers, DSLs, Pastoral Team
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Students in Didcot area needed

Students needed a fantastic citizenship opportunity.

27 October 2023
Secondary Heads, Deputy/Assistant Heads, citizenship & schoo
children colouring and pencils in metal bucket

Service Pupils

Information and training opportunities

27 October 2023
All Schools with Service Pupils