All staff should have a job description to give them an understanding of what is required of them in their jobs. Employees will normally receive one at the time they are recruited and it should be reviewed annually to ensure it is kept up to date. The job description is an essential tool in performance management and, is also necessary for providing information needed for job evaluation.

A job description should be an outline of the main duties and responsibilities of the job. It should include a job title; who the employee is responsible to and any relevant information about pay and hours.

School Support Staff - The Way Forward

A number of model job descriptions are available to assist schools. The National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government Services has published School Support Staff: The Way Forward; this includes a range of teaching assistant, technician and administrative roles.

Administrators, Bursars, Finance Officers and School Business Managers

Caretakers, Caterers and Cleaners

Extended Services job descriptions

See the the Guide to evaluated grades for school support staff jobs (.pdf format, 71 Kb) for additional guidance on these roles. For further information please contact the Community Childcare and Play Officers who can advise further on 01865 323772.

Early Years Support Workers, Lunchtime Supervisors and Teaching Assistants


Further information

For further guidance on standard job descriptions please contact

Role profiles

When creating a brand new post you will be asked for a role profile number to create the post and recruit to it. This unique reference number links to standard information held about the post.

When entering in the role profile number, (now renamed according to the grade of the post), the grade level name is pulled through into the post title. This must be overtyped by the manager otherwise the post title will be the grade of the post.

See a list of role profile numbers (xlsx format, 123Kb).