Before payroll closes each month, there are IBC actions (pdf format, 27Kb) you must take.

Payroll deadlines - search 'payroll' in IBC

The payroll page includes deadline dates for:

Impact of payroll deadlines on self-service tasks

Payroll will be closed for approximately three and a half working days from the dates shown above.

During this time:

  • staff can’t update bank details.
  • some actions you take will be held in the self-service system until payroll re-opens. When it re-opens these actions will load onto the system and the status will change from ‘submitted’ to ‘complete’. This affects:
    • adding new staff to the system
    • managing leavers
    • organisational management forms
    • changes to staff records or positions
  • schools can change staff working patterns on the system but the patterns won’t update until payroll re-opens. If you want to make a further change to the pattern you won’t be able to do this until after the original pattern created is on the system.
  • expense claims can be submitted but they won’t be processed until payroll re-opens.

IR35 responsibilities

From 6 April 2017 new responsibilities have come in to force for public sector organisations in relation to payments made to workers that operate through their own personal service or limited companies. 

If you have workers that you currently pay via an invoice that you have assessed to fall under the IR35 rules, please follow the steps below:

  1. Email for specific guidance.
  2. Once agreed and processed, the IBC will set up a SAP personnel number.
  3. Once you have this SAP personnel number you can then action the payment through IBC.
  4. Enter the invoiced amount (excluding the VAT if they are VAT registered) in IBC under the ‘Casual Time Entry’ tile as a ‘Casual Sessional Pay’. The wage type to use will be 3774.
  5. The payment will then be made in next month’s payroll and subject to the tax and NI.

Please note - These casual records will be ended automatically from SAP if no claims have been made in 13 months. 

Employee Self Service (ESS Lite)

  • School staff must register with Employee Self-Service (ESS) Lite (search for ESS in IBC self-service to find out more) to give them access to the system to view their payslip, amend personal details and bank details, claim expenses and view documents.
  • When it asks for a ‘Logon name’ this will be their personnel number.

If you have any problems with accessing ESS Lite contact IBC self-service

My documents

‘My documents’ in IBC and Employee Self Service (ESS) contains a range of documents.

P60 and P11D (tax certificates) are available there and if you take family leave (for example; maternity, paternity, adoption) the letters relating to this leave will also be there.

When a head teacher or school administrator/business manager receives notification that a family leave letter is available, they will need to remind the member of staff it relates to, to log into Employee Self Service (ESS) to find the letter in ‘My documents’.

The benefit of having them in ‘My documents’ is these very important documents are all stored in one place for easy access, keeping them safe so they don’t get lost.

P60 is available now 

The latest P60 end of year tax certificates gives you information on the tax paid on salary in the tax year.  

 It’s important you check all the details are correct and P60 documents can be found in ‘My documents’.  For more help and information, visit the online help and guidance pages. P60s are only available online.    

What is the P60 for?   

P60s are proof of income. A copy is often requested when applying for tax credits. Your P60 is also important for anyone who completes a self assessment tax return.   

Why is the taxable pay on the P60 different to agreed annual salary?   

The figure on the P60 is the total amount paid which is subject to tax. The value is after deductions for pension or salary sacrifice schemes.

Does HM Revenue & Customs have the correct information?  

Anyone can check details online with a Personal Tax Account.  

To register, visit

Please let all members of staff in your school know (including anyone on maternity leave or long term sickness leave) so they can find this information in Employee Self Service (ESS). Search for ESS in IBC self-service if anyone needs support with this. 

IBC Toolkit – Useful pay and calculation information

Useful pay-related information:

Pay for School Support Staff

Pay awards

Pay awards are subject to national pay negotiations and will usually be applied from 1 April.

If an employee leaves the council before a pay award is agreed for that year, they will need to email to request for backdated pay arrears (for the period 1  April to the leaving date) to be paid to them once the pay award is agreed.  The employee will need to confirm their bank details are the same.

Salary grades

Pay increments

Most jobs have a pay grade with four pay points (increments). When an employee starts a job they are normally appointed at the bottom of the grade, unless they have significant experience in a similar role.  School support staff increases are applied automatically on 1 April until they reach the top of their pay grade.

Staff starting between 1 October and 31 March will get their first increment six months from their start date (to coincide with the end of their probation period). This is applied automatically. In subsequent years, increments will be awarded on 1 April.

Additional pay information for support staff

Grades for jobs are determined under a Job Evaluation Scheme.

Pay for Teaching Staff

These pay scales apply to all teachers in Oxfordshire schools using the Oxfordshire Model Pay Policy and any other employees within Oxfordshire County Council employed on teachers terms and conditions.

Additional pay information for teaching staff

Pay policy

It is recommended that all schools should have a pay policy which sets out the basis on which they determine pay and the procedures for determining appeals. Separate pay policies cover arrangements for teachers and support staff in schools.

Your tax office details

Inland Revenue
South Wales Area (Oxford)
Ty Glas
CF14 5YF

PAYE Reference: 075 A9000