The following documents on this page are what you should receive when you begin employment with your school and the County Council. If you receive an amended contract during your employment, you will only receive Part 1 of the contract, and it will refer you to the intranet for Parts 2 and 3.

Support Staff

Green Book

Green Book terms and conditions (pdf format, 1.5Mb) include school support staff.

Please also see the Variable Hours Clause in Contracts


Part 1 confirms your personal and employment details, such as hours and grade. If you think the information held in part 1 of the contract is incorrect contact your school in the first instance


These are blank examples of Part 1 of the contract - one for Teachers and one for Support Staff (Green Book).

Confidentiality statement

For all employees (including Agency staff), confidentiality must be maintained when dealing with sensitive material and the standards documented in the policy statement on this continue to apply even after employment may have ended.