Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)

Updated November 2021

The standard is intended to help maintained schools and the local authority ensure that they are meeting the basic standards to good financial health and resource management.

To continue the on-going support to the safeguarding of public funds, and to get best value from them, the Department for Education (DfE) has updated the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) guidance.

SFVS is a mandatory return for all schools maintained by the local authority and all Oxfordshire maintained schools are required to complete their SFVS by the specified submission date. Although it does not require any external assessment a copy of each completed SFVS signed by the Chair of Governors must be sent to the local authority.

The deadline for your school’s 2021-22 submission will be 31 January 2022. All returns must be submitted electronically to The local authority will review all returns. You do not need to wait until the deadline to complete this return.

The Schools financial standard for 2021-22 consists of a checklist and a dashboard.

The checklist asks 29 questions of governing bodies in 6 areas of resource management.

  1. Governance
  2. School strategy
  3. Setting the annual budget
  4. Staffing
  5. Value for Money
  6. Protecting Public Money

The checklist guidance provides clarification for each question, examples of good practice, and details further support available to assist schools in addressing specific issues.

The self-assessment dashboard that was formerly part of the SFVS has been moved to the benchmarking website.

The standard, and checklist are self-explanatory and each contains all of the information required to complete the annual assessment. There are also direct links to concise, simple support notes for each question.

Further information on SFVS and the assessment form and additional information can be obtained from the DfE website

Maintained schools should have received further help and advice with the SFVS assessment process via email, sent 28 October 2021.