Capital investment

Information about funding allocation

Healthy Pupil Capital Fund 2018/19

Oxfordshire has been allocated £304,157 HPCF grant in the 2018/19 financial year to assist community and Voluntary Controlled (VC) schools in supporting children’s and young people’s physical and mental health by improving and increasing availability to facilities for physical activity, healthy eating, mental health and wellbeing and medical conditions. Separate funding arrangements exist for Voluntary Aided schools and academies. The funding is provided from the Soft Drinks Industry Levy for 2018-19 only.

The DfE have utilised the allocations methodology for the school condition allocation (SCA), i.e. pupil numbers based on the spring census, to determine individual local authority allocations. The HPCF can only be used for capital expenditure.

To achieve the maximum benefit HPCF will be allocated direct to schools based on spring census numbers. All schools will receive a minimum grant of £2,000 (the de-minimis level for school capital expenditure), with larger schools receiving an allocation proportionate to school size.

Schools can pool funding or take advantage of match-funding opportunities where appropriate, but are responsible for providing assurances on how their allocation has been spent. Schools may wish to consider: 

  • What are your priorities and needs for pupil health and wellbeing?
  • What existing facilities do you have?
  • How will this fund be used to complement existing or new funding opportunities?
  • How will the investment be sustainable? What are the staffing and future maintenance costs of facilities?
  • The number and characteristics of pupils who would benefit from the investment

Many schools will already be working on the Healthy Schools Programme and may wish to include any links to existing activities to promote health and wellbeing (for example delivering the Healthy Schools Programme or any other local/national public health initiatives).

All maintained schools will receive their HPCF grant by the end of the 2017/18 academic year, the grant will be credited to the school’s Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) cost centre.

The DfE have provided examples of projects which could be funded using HPCF (not exhaustive and intended to provide illustrative examples only):

Refurbishment or building of:

  • Changing rooms
  • Sports halls and gyms
  • Swimming pools
  • Teaching and catering kitchens
  • Dining spaces, to include seating and tables
  • Spaces for mental health support

Creation or renovation of:

  • Garden spaces for growing produce
  • Playgrounds and active play spaces, such as resurfacing, climbing walls or multi-use sports panels 
  • Sports pitches, hard courts and athletics tracks
  • Improvements to facilities, such as floodlighting, security fencing, pitch drainage

Modification of facilities to improve accessibility for pupils with disabilities, such as: 

  • Hoists to allow access to swimming   pools
  • Adaptations to cooking facilities
  • Adaptations to changing room facilities
  • Wheelchair-accessible paths and planters in garden spaces
  • Sports wheelchairs
  • Hydrotherapy pools

Provision of equipment, such as

  • Permanent goalposts
  • Outdoor table tennis tables
  • Defibrillators
  • Gym equipment
  • Cookers, fridges and freezers
  • Bike stands

Examples of smaller scale expenditure are included below, these may be of relevance to recipients of smaller grant amounts. 

  • Water fountains
  • Playground markings to facilitate active play
  • Cooking equipment such as table-top hobs and food processors
  • Gardening planters and equipment
  • Fixed sports equipment, such as wall-mounted basketball boards

The following projects are not consistent with the intended use of the HPCF

  • Operational costs, including hiring or leasing of facilities
  • Viewing stands
  • Car parks, roads or landscaping
  • Bars, sleeping accommodation, offices or other parts of a project that have little or no health and wellbeing content
  • Projects (or elements of projects) where work has already been completed.
  • The repayment of loans
  • The purchase of land or buildings

At the end of the 2018/19 financial year the Local Authority will be required to complete an Outturn Certificate to confirm that the funds have been used for the purposes provided and spent in accordance with the terms and conditions of grant. We also expect the DfE to require further detailed information about the utilisation of the grant.

As soon as you know how you will utilise your school’s HPCF grant please complete the application form (doc format, 19Kb) below and return to