Education jobs replacement

As reported in recent editions of Schools News, Education Personnel Services (EPS) is replacing the education jobs board with a new recruitment system from a company called Tribepad. 


A number of schools have volunteered to carry out user testing in Tribepad before it goes live and that testing is happening this week.  

The target launch date for Tribepad is the week of 1 to 8 July 2024, but we can’t confirm that date yet, as it depends on the schools’ user testing and other system preparation work. The final date will be shared as soon as it’s confirmed.

Whatever date is agreed for the switch over to Tribepad, there will be a short period of time when new job advertisements can’t be submitted and existing advertisements can’t be changed. 

This freeze period is likely to be the week of 24 to 28 June, with any new jobs (or changes to existing jobs) having to be sent to EPS by midday on Friday 21 June.  Again we will confirm the date of the freeze as soon as we can. 

Next update

Another update will be shared in Schools News next week to let you know how the schools’ user testing has gone and to confirm when the change freeze will be put in place.


While the freeze is in place applicants can still apply for jobs through the existing jobs board and any live advertisements will transfer to the new Tribepad system during the week of the freeze. Once the freeze ends, you will be able to post jobs into the new system.


Training materials are being produced ready for when the new system is launched and if you have any questions, please contact Katie Westley: from the EPS team.