Important: Education Jobs replacement

Education Personnel Services (EPS) is introducing a new system to upgrade the existing Education Jobs platform. The new system will be a full recruitment and applicant management system to streamline the recruitment administration process. New functions will provide more flexibility to manage the recruitment process and communicate with candidates. New functions include: 

  • A portal to quickly see and track, progress and manage recruitment activity, which can also be accessed on mobile devices.
  • A range of job posting options, adverts can be created, edited, copied and saved for future use. They can include images, photos and videos.
  • Options for posting jobs on other platforms such as Indeed.
  • Candidates can view adverts and apply online.
  • Candidates can create an account, bring in information they have on other jobs platforms (e.g. LinkedIn) or their CVs. This will help them to apply more quickly and efficiently.
  • Candidates can set up alerts, notifications, track their application process and upload documents securely.
  • A range of assessment and screening tools assist with advertising, shortlisting, and selection regarding inclusion and diversity.
  • Shortlisted candidates can schedule their interview online and receive automatic reminders.
  • Direct communication with candidates through SMS messages.
  • Allows schools to track progress of pre-employment checks through the system.
  • A range of management information reports providing insight into the effectiveness of recruitment.

The new system is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly and will be good for candidates to encourage applications. 


User testing The EPS team is working to get the new system in place and they are looking for school administration officers/HR officers/business managers to join a user testing group during May/early June. If you’re interested in being part of the user group, contact Katie Westley

There will be a range of support and resources to help schools with the move to the new system. Please keep a look out for more information.