Delays in notifying payroll about changes will lead to staff not receiving their correct pay and sometimes getting overpaid.

For maintained schools, you must notify IBC promptly when your school has:

  • New staff joining (including casual workers)
  • Staff leaving
  • Changes in contracts which have an impact on pay.

It’s also important to enter absence in the system as this triggers half and nil pay – late entry in the system can result in overpayments.

Important dates

When staff leave at the end of term, you must use the correct end date, particularly at the end of the spring term, where there’s a ‘notional’ date.

Leaving dates

Use for teachers and support staff who work into the last week of term.

  • Summer term: will always be 31 August
  • Autumn term: will always be 31 December
  • Spring term: the leaving date will be the last day of the Easter holidays – and this will be a Sunday if the next term (including any INSET days) starts on a Monday.  

Where a term-time employee leaves during a term rather than at the end of the term, either the employee or the school may request a calculation of time worked and salary paid, taking into account start and leave dates where it is thought that there is a substantial imbalance and either salary paid/repaid, or hours worked to rectify the imbalance. This request should be made to the IBC through an enquiry.

Start dates

Use for teachers and support staff who commence employment during the first week of the school term (part-time staff will also start on this date).

  • Summer term will always be 1 September
  • Autumn term will always be 1 January
  • Spring term the start date will always be the first day after the Easter holidays