The Cycle to Work scheme is a salary sacrifice or tax-saving scheme that allows you to save money on a new bike and accessories by spreading the cost over 12, 18, or 24 months (depending on the price). Monthly deductions are taken directly from your salary before tax and National Insurance is applied.

You will be hiring the bike for the repayment period you select and can transfer ownership to yourself for a small fee via Cyclescheme who manage the process.

Join the Cycle to Work Scheme

Choose your Cyclescheme package

There is no limit to the amount you can spend on a new bike, cycle accessories, or both. Decide on your cycle package before submitting your application; you will then know the value of your eCertificate and can plan accordingly.

You can exchange your eCertificate for your equipment in-store or online.

Requesting an eCertificate

Complete the request form on the Cyclescheme homepage by selecting "I am an employee" and entering our employee code 8cd8ae.

We aim to process requests within three weeks. Once your application is approved, Cyclescheme will issue you an eCertificate. This certificate lets you collect your chosen equipment from your retailer. 

Keep your bike or equipment

When the hire agreement and salary sacrifice arrangement ends, you can keep your bike or equipment by making a small final payment directly to Cyclescheme.

Repayment periods

  • packages of £500 or less must be repaid over 12 months
  • packages that cost between £500 and £999 must be repaid over 12 months or 18 months
  • packages that cost £1000 or more must be repaid over 12, 18 or 24 months

Who can apply?

The scheme is available to all staff provided the remaining contract duration aligns with the selected repayment period starting from the initial salary deduction month.

Contact Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme can be contacted by;

The supports eligibility queries.