The Occupational Health Service to schools is provided by People Asset Management (PAM). PAM is an experienced public and private sector occupational health and wellbeing specialist, providing services to more than 450,000 employees across the UK. The company has many years of experience working to reduce absence and promote health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Occupational Health actively promotes good health in the workplace. It provides medical advice for managers to assist and support attendance at work, including new starter health assessments, rehabilitation, adjustments, sickness and management of health issues. The service uses qualified registered medical practitioners who are specialists in occupational health. Occupational Health provides:

  • Advice to managers and employees on all aspects relating to the effects of "work on health" or "health on work"
  • Assessment and advice following management referrals about sickness, absence, fitness to work, rehabilitation and ill health retirement
  • Advice to managers and employees on relevant legislation and compliance

How to refer someone to Occupational Health

To refer an employee to the Occupational Health Service, OHIO you will need to explain the reason for the referral and confirm they are aware of the referral, it is advised to give them the OH information leaflet below. Please see the guidance below for online referrals

You will receive an e-mail confirming the OH appointment's date, time and venue. You must make the staff member aware of the date, time and location. This is to allow the double benefit of maintaining contact with the employee off sick, and also if the employee cannot attend you are immediately aware of it.   Cancellation notice of 48 hours should be given to Occupational Health by the manager. Another appointment will be arranged for the employee through their manager. This can be delegated to the employee to re-arrange if the manager informs OH. 

Where it is expected that ill-health retirement may be an option, the relevant ill-health certificate must be completed in Part A with the employee’s details and uploaded to OHIO together with the current job description.  The certificate can be found at the Ill-health certificate for current employee.  

The OH report that follows from the appointment will be sent to you (the Manager) and you should forward this on to your staff member and arrange a meeting to discuss this, sometimes, a letter may need to be sent with this.  In addition to this Occupational Health will post the employee a copy of the report.  

There is a helpful You Tube video for guidance on how to interpret and use Occupational Health advice. Once you get past the first section, it provides some helpful advice.

If you do not have a password and username contact

What is required of schools?

  • The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations requires employers to assess the health, including the mental health and safety risks at work, of all their employees
  • Ensure that new starter health assessments are completed by all employees who are offered new posts
  • Ensure that management referrals are supported by correct documentation