All employees who achieve 25 years of service with Oxfordshire County Council are invited to a celebration event with the Chairman of the Council. If an employee reaches 25 years' service before conversion to academy they are eligible for the council's long service award, and however, if they reach 25 years of service after conversion, then they are no longer eligible.

Award ceremonies are arranged annually at County Hall and names are collected through Corporate HR at County Hall. Service does not have to be continuous or full-time.

How to apply

Complete the long service nomination form (doc format, 26 KB) and return to:

The Organisational Development Team
Corporate HR
County Hall
New Road

Retired staff

The nominations should include any staff who have retired during the year but reached 25 years service before retirement. 


Guidance notes on eligibility are set out below.

  1. Service does not have to be continuous.
  2. Service does not have to be full-time.
  3. Service with a constituent authority prior to local government reorganisation in 1974 is recognisable, PROVIDED THAT:
    (a) the employee concerned transferred ON REORGANISATION; and
    (b) the employee concerned has not already received an award for 25 years’ service with their previous authority. In cases of service with a constituent authority, the following question should always be asked: IF REORGANISATION HAD NOT TAKEN PLACE, WOULD THE EMPLOYEE CONCERNED HAVE 25 YEARS’ SERVICE WITH THE SAME AUTHORITY? If the answer is “yes”, the employee is eligible.
  4. Where employees are transferred out of Oxfordshire County Council under TUPE arrangements and subsequently transferred back in, the service with the outside organisation will not count towards service for long service award purposes.
  5. Fire & Rescue Service personnel, including retained firefighters, are eligible for the award.
  6. Secondments – Periods of secondment to full-time training are recognisable, but not secondments overseas.
  7. Academies – If an employee reaches 25 years’ service before conversion to an academy they are eligible for the award. If they reach 25 years service after conversion then no award.
  8. Supply Teaching (with county council schools, not academies) – Reasonably substantial periods of supply teaching within the authority may be recognisable. This will be looked at on an individual basis.
  9. Awards – As from 1 September 2012 the award of a certificate and gift of high street vouchers has been presented to staff at ceremonies at
    County Hall hosted by the Chairman of the County Council.