Reintegration timetables

Information for schools on setting up and notifying reintegration timetables

Oxfordshire County Council remains committed to all children's entitlement to a full-time education offer and makes clear the requirement that a reintegration timetable cannot be implemented without written agreement from parent/carer (and where appropriate  the Virtual School where a child is ‘Looked After’, Youth Offending worker when the child is on a Court Order, Social Worker where a Child Protection, Team Around the Family or Child in Need Plan is in place or SEN Team at the Local Authority where appropriate).

A reintegration timetable can be used in exceptional circumstance where a reduction in education may be viewed as in the interests of the child and on a fixed term basis only.

Too often, children and young people who receive only a part-time education, can become invisible to the local authority. The LA must know what education these children and young people receive each week, or whether they even attend, in order that they do not miss out on education or become vulnerable to abuse.

All reintegration timetables should be submitted without delay to If you would like to discuss the use of a reintegration timetable please contact the County Attendance Team on 01865 323513.