Exclusion and Reintegration Team

Providing guidance to aid the prevention of exclusion and support reintegration into education

Exclusion and Reintegration Officers work closely with schools, governors, parents and local authority colleagues to provide advice on:

What you can expect from Exclusion and Reintegration Officers:

  • Telephone and face to face advice on all matters relating to exclusion (fixed term and permanent) and preventing exclusion
  • Attendance at some meetings where exclusion or missing out on education is a factor  
  • Close working with colleagues in health, social care and education
  • Facilitating combined IYFAP in full and Inclusion meetings every four weeks during term time.  IYFAP panel meetings meet our statutory duties regarding placing pupils without a school place. The Inclusion Meetings promote inclusive practice to avoid exclusion
  • Advice to parents, schools and partner agencies on matters relating to pupils missing out on their full educational entitlement.  This includes the use of reintergration timetables for a short period, and co-ordinating multi-agency children missing education meetings that focus in detail on challenging casework using collaboration with partners.  These meetings identify common themes and barriers to pupils accessing their educational entitlement which are escalated to strategic management within the local authority for action 
  • Working to reduce the time children are without a school place or receiving a reduced timetable by working with parents, schools and partner agencies on reintegration plans.

Team Administrators - Countywide