Download the Oxfordshire Literacy Difficulties (pdf format, 883Kb)

About the guidance

This guidance is designed to give schools guidance on including pupils with literacy difficulties in the curriculum and to provide support for pupils to overcome their difficulties. There is advice on working with individual pupils, as well as on building the schools' capacity to deal with literacy difficulties generally.


  • To provide schools with the advice and guidance they need to meet the diversity of children's literacy learning needs through appropriate provision in mainstream settings.
  • To promote partnership with parents.
  • To enable schools to provide a range of high-quality support for pupils with literacy difficulties by:
    • Raising awareness of literacy difficulties in all schools by ensuring that all staff are trained to support pupils in the classroom to at least the level presented in national training programmes, such as the Inclusion Development Programme and e-learning modules
    • Ensuring that parents are fully informed about pupils' learning and that parental concerns are acknowledged and addressed
    • Improving assessment and intervention practice so that children's learning differences are identified, and teaching is adjusted as early as possible in a pupil's school career and continually throughout all key stages.
    • Making teachers aware of further training opportunities