Through their eyes

Complementing the content of Project 10 and Project Right Click, Through Their Eyes looks at what happens when the law is broken.

The sessions have films and presentations which show different scenario's of when the laws are not respected. These are shown through the eyes of the Police, a range of services, family members, and some perpetrators/victims.  The aim of Through Their Eyes is to show young people: how laws protect us all; how challenging adolescent behaviours and group pressures can go wrong, sometimes tragically; and give the young people insight into the impact of difficult outcomes on those involved, their families, communities, and the services that seek to help in emergencies.

The sessions cover: Arson; Open Water Safety; Knife crime; Drug dealing, Hate crime; Antisocial behaviours; Theft; Railway safety; Sexual assault; Far right Radicalisation; Road Traffic safety; Domestic abuse; Assault by a stranger.

The sessions are designed to be interactive. It is aimed primarily at children and young people from 11 years – 18 years+.  The Project is an integral part of the Safeguarding in Partnership initiative, an initiative of Thames Valley Police and educational professionals.

All the films, teacher  materials and resources are free to download here.

You can also view a trailer here.