School Buybacks 24/25 are now Live!

We are pleased to announce our store is now open to purchase contracts for the next academic year

The Store | Oxfordshire | Education Services

How it works -

The process mirrors most other online stores. Users can browse our variety of buybacks and add to their baskets, tailoring their buyback choices in readiness for the new academic year.

As with training, the approval process is similar:
All Users can view the store and add to their basket
Only users with Headteacher/School Business Manager/Setting Manager permissions can checkout and approve the purchases

Schools will also have access to the Annual Order Form - this pulls together your current subscriptions into your basket, should you wish to simply renew what you already subscribe to.

If your school or setting does not yet have an account, or you need to elevate the access rights of a colleague, please do contact us:
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