Change in MIS, Internet provider, Server

If you have changed or are likely to change your MIS system in school, then please be aware of the following. The same also applies if you change your support provider or server.

If you change your Management Information System (MIS) – i.e. Advance Learning, Arbor, Bromcom, Capita SIMS, Cloud School, IRIS Ed-Gen, RM Integris, Scholarpack, Schoolpod etc. or your support provider at any time during the school year, please inform the Support Team as soon as you become aware – 

Data is received daily from all schools and academies via a process called XPorter. This is an automated process and once set up on your MIS system will run without any intervention for most schools. 

If you do any maintenance work which might include:

  • Changing Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Upgrading or replacing your existing MIS server.
  • Changing MIS provider

then this process will be interrupted, and you may receive an email from a member of the Business Applications and Systems Team informing you of this. If you are planning to replace your MIS server or changed MIS provider then please advise the Support Team asap.

For Oxfordshire County Council to continue to support your school/academy data needs to continue to be received daily.  If you have questions about how your data is used, then please contact 

For any queries specific to your MIS system, please contact your software service provider.