Belonging and community resources from PSHE Association

Belonging and community: addressing discrimination and extremism 

KS1-4 lesson packs from PSHE Association. Teach about discrimination, stereotyping, inclusion, and belonging to a community. 

About the lesson packs: Laying the foundations At key stages 1 and 2, the lessons aim to give pupils foundational learning that will make them less susceptible to prejudiced or extremist narratives as they grow up. The key stage 1 lesson focuses on similarities and differences and introduces the concept of equality. The lower key stage 2 lesson for year 3/4 looks at the different groups and communities to which pupils might belong, and how they can help others to feel included. The two upper key stage 2 lessons for Year 5/6 explore stereotyping and extremism — supporting pupils to recognise how attitudes and opinions can be influenced by exposure to prejudiced or extremist views as well as how to challenge and resist these narratives Leading the way This learning is built on in the key stage 3 and key stage 4 lesson packs, where students explore these concepts in more depth and learn about the legal rights, responsibilities and protections provided by the Equality Act 2010 and other legal provisions. The five key stage 3 lessons explore: fostering a sense of belonging; how thinking patterns can affect behaviour; protected characteristics and reporting discrimination; values and managing disagreement constructively; and the different ways individuals contribute positively to the communities they are a part of, including through allyship. At key stage 4 (3 lessons) students will have the chance to consider how someone’s choices impact others, and how they can promote diversity and cohesion. The final lesson focuses on the radicalisation process, supporting students to understand recruiter manipulation, to help safeguard themselves and others. 

All the lesson plans in this pack are available as both PowerPoints and PDFs, and accompanied by a comprehensive teacher guidance document to help you develop your subject knowledge and teach the lessons safely and effectively. The pupil facing content has been optimised for accessibility and engagement. Click here to access and download. Please note that you need to be a member of PSHE Association to access the lesson packs.

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