Academic Year 2023/2024 - Attainment Collections

The deadline for all attainment collections (EYFSP, Key Stage 1, Phonics check and Key Stage 2) is Friday 28 June 2024. This deadline may be subject to any changes made by the DfE. However, we do appreciate schools submitting submissions as soon as they have completed them, as this helps us with a tight turnaround. 

Submitting Returns EYFSP and Phonics: Schools should submit their teacher assessments to the LA via S2S as in previous years. Guidance on transferring your attainment data to the LA via S2S can be found on our intranet page. 

Key Stage 1: This return is non-statutory in 2023/24 academic this year, however if you are still collecting KS1 information, you can submit your return to us via S2S as usual.

Key Stage 2: Teacher assessment submissions need to be made directly to the STA via the Primary Assessment Gateway website. We would advise schools to ensure that they have a current username and password for this site prior to this date. Guidance on using the site can be found here. We would also advise that KS2 teacher assessment data is uploaded to the site prior to the 28 June deadline to avoid problems with overloading the website. This will also provide time to correct any errors in the data before the deadline date. Schools need to ensure their data is uploaded and error free by the 28 June deadline.

Headteacher Verification form: Please complete your Headteacher verification via the online form. The form can be found here. As well as being able to access it from our intranet page. The deadline for the return of the Headteacher verification form is also Friday 28 June 2024. 

Reminder: It is a requirement that this form is authorised and signed off by the Headteacher. 

This form is separate from the Headteacher Declaration Form that is submitted via the Primary Assessment Gateway. Both forms need completing. Assessment and Reporting Arrangements (ARA) documents for all key stages are available on the DfE website or can be accessed from the Performance & Information Team intranet site. Please direct any queries to the