Purchase orders made easier in IBC self-service

The way to manage purchase orders in IBC has changed with the introduction of the new Purchase Order Master tile (app).


The Purchase Order Master tile provides one place to easily search for, view and manage purchase orders (POs).


The Purchase Order Master lets you:


  • Search for all purchase orders (PO) using a range of search filters
  • Post and reverse goods receipts (whole or decimal quantities)
  • Close a commitment for either a full PO or individual PO lines
  • Increase the value of a service order

The existing Receive Goods and Close Purchase Order tiles have been removed.                                                                                                                

New feature: Reassigning service shop orders

Managers can now use the new ‘Purchase Order Master’ to reassign service orders to someone else. 

If a shopper leaves or moves job and has open service orders, their manager will receive a notification in their IBC inbox. 

Once a manager has reassigned the service order, any invoices or credit notes will be assigned to the new user. 

Note: this doesn’t include price blocked invoices, as these will have routed to the correct financial approver.

More information is available on the IBC help pages and if you’re unsure use webchat from this page.