Religious education is not part of the National Curriculum but must be taught in schools by law.

Oxfordshire County Council has statutory duties to set and agree a local syllabus in conjunction with a Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE).

Religious education (RE) is part of the basic curriculum, and all schools are expected to provide RE for all their pupils. The Oxfordshire locally agreed syllabus is soundly based on educational principles and helps pupils develop an understanding of the world, their communities and their own search for meaning, purpose and value in their lives.

It develops reflection on experience, deeper thinking, conceptual creativity and knowledge, and knowledge and understanding of, and sensitivity towards, people of different faiths, beliefs and lifestyles.


Oxfordshire SACRE provides support to schools on the provision of RE through the Locally Agreed Syllabus. On this page you can access the SACRE Annual Report and minutes of meetings.

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