Headteacher appraisal plays a vital role in the governing board’s core function of holding the school accountable for the educational performance of the school and for the performance management of its staff. It is a statutory process in maintained schools and is best practice for academies.

The board’s appraisal policy will set out the arrangements for the appraisal of the headteacher. This process is delegated to the headteacher appraisal panel, a subgroup of two or three governors appointed by the board.

We recommend that all members of this panel undertake headteacher appraisal training to ensure awareness of the statutory responsibilities and confidence to undertake this important role.

Training dates

  • Wednesday, 8 November 2023, 7 pm - 8.30 pm

You can book through GovernorHub or by contacting Governor Services (03300 249046).

The deadline to complete all processes for headteacher appraisal is 31 December each year.

Headteacher appraisal must be completed before the deadline to ensure pay recommendations can be made. However, it is good practice to undertake this process earlier in the school year so that teachers' objectives can be linked to the headteacher's. Teacher appraisal must be completed by 31 October each year.

A suitably skilled and experienced external adviser must support the headteacher appraisal panel. An experienced adviser can be commissioned from the School Improvement Team. The team will provide professional guidance through the headteacher appraisal process, ensuring you have the appropriate support to make this a valuable process for all involved.

Headteacher appraisal packages

Package A

Cost: £650

  • Provision of an experienced and qualified external adviser
  • The adviser will review the information provided in advance of the meeting by the headteacher. The headteacher should provide this information and include information to support:
    • the decisions about last year’s objectives
    • the discussions around the objectives for the coming academic year.
  • Attendance at the ‘three-part meeting’ to review performance and to advise the panel as they set the objectives for the following year. These meetings will be with:
    • the headteacher and adviser
    • the panel and adviser
    • the headteacher, panel and adviser

Package B 

Cost (including document drafting): £750

  • Includes all of appraisal package A 
  • Drafting of the appraisal review document, including the new objectives. This document will be forwarded to the chair of the panel for any additions, amendments and adjustments before being sent to the headteacher for signing

Appraisal panel responsibilities

The headteacher appraisal panel should organise at least one interim meeting during the appraisal cycle to consider the successes achieved, any barriers to progress, and any additional support or development needs that might benefit the headteacher. The adviser does not support this part of the cycle. If additional support is required for this, please contact Governor Services, who will be able to discuss this or any training needs with you.

How to purchase a package

To purchase one of the headteacher appraisal packages or to request further information, contact Governor Services (03300 249046). 

An invoice or internal recharge (for maintained schools) will be sent to the school once your appraisal date is confirmed.