Children Missing Education

Monitoring and reducing the time children are without a school place or on a reduced timetable


Children Missing Education is a co-ordinated list of children who are without a school roll, and children who are on schools rolls and are known to be persistently absent or on reduced timetables. 

The team works closely with colleagues within the local authority, with schools and with partner agencies to reduce the length of time that children are without a school place or on reduced timetables.

A strategic group oversees this work and will challenge barriers that prevent access to full time education provision for children redident in Oxfordshire or on roll at a school in Oxfordshire.


The local authority (LA) has a statutory obligation to ensure that children and young people in their area are receiving a suitable education.  Too often, children and young people who receive only a part-time education, or who have none at all, can become invisible to the local authority. The LA must know what education these children and young people receive each week, or whether they even attend, in order that they do not miss out on education or become vulnerable to abuse.

Who are we focusing on?

Within Oxfordshire there are children and young people who do not, or cannot, attend full-time school education in the usual way (this means between 21-25 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year).  Those pupils who do not attend school or similar provision are at risk not only of social and educational failure, but also, importantly, of physical, emotional and psychological harm.

They include those who:

  • have been permanently excluded
  • have social, mental health or behavioural difficulties and are at risk of exclusion
  • have medical needs
  • rarely attend school and have PSPs as part of attempts to reintegrate them into full-time education
  • are pregnant or are young mothers of compulsory school age
  • are returning from custody
  • new to the country and awaiting a school place
  • have moved from another area and a school place has not been secured; this may include children who are looked after

Guidance for Schools on Reduced Timetables

We have produced a policy document - Reintegration Timetable Guidance (docx format, 45Kb) which explains the roles and responsibilities of Schools and the Local Authority, gives advice about planning and risk assessment, and guidance on reporting the use of reduced timetables.

There is a template Re-integration Timetable Proforma (doc format, 19Kb) for easy reporting. There is also a Reduced Timetimable Closure Form (doc format, 100KB) you can fill out.

For further advice, and to discuss any particular circumstances, you can contact