A service for young people (11-18) when they feel they are having difficulties in their life

We would appreciate your support with raising awareness of this service to young people and their parents or supporting adults. To help you promote the service we have created a communications toolkit for you to use. You can download the toolkit and artwork from the Targeted Youth Support Service folder on our communications portal: https://oxfordshire.canto.global/v/communicationsportal. The toolkit contains posters, social media graphics and suggested copy for social media posts, newsletters and websites. The service works with young people preventatively to reduce the escalation of statutory involvement and negative impact on their lives. 

We support young people to build life skills, develop healthy relationships and make decisions that are right for them. 

We work flexibly with children and young people to deliver or access the best services for them, including:

 • Working with young people in small groups focusing on particular difficulties. The groups are focused, time limited and available in school and community settings. 

• On a one to basis for up to 12 weeks. A youth worker will work with a young person to set up a bespoke programme of support that enables the young person to access wider support around them in their community. 

• Working with communities in addressing wider issues relating to young people. Often this includes focused detached work for a specific time. To find out more about the service visit www.oxme.info/tyss or email tyss@oxfordshire.gov.uk. Young people may self-refer and must consent before they are referred to the service.