Year 2 Phonics Re-checks – Summer 2022

Headteachers, School Admin
It's time to check if your Year 2 pupils need to take the Phonics Re-check

During week commencing 2nd May 2022 secure email were sent to schools that list pupils on roll who will need to take the year 2 phonics recheck in Summer 2022. These lists have been provided by the DfE and are indicative as they are based on where children were on-roll in the Autumn (October 2021) school census.

If you did not receive an email it is believed that you have no children on-roll who require a recheck.

In all cases, if you have had year 2 children join your school since the Autumn census then you need to establish if they should take the re-check. This can be done by using the ‘Searchable data’ function of the Get Information About Pupils (GIAP) website to search for those pupils by their Unique Pupil Number (UPN) from week commencing 9 May. Pupils who do not need to take the check again will be indicated by a phonics outcome of ‘Wa’ (meaning they have demonstrated they are working at the expected standard).

Users wanting to access GIAP now first need to login to DfE Sign-in ( and GIAP will appear as an option.

If you are unsure if a pupil should take the check again and a search of GIAP finds no data for the pupil you may wish to contact the pupil’s previous school directly.

If you have any queries, please contact