The Transition Handbook

Staff managing transition, SENCOs, Pastoral
Review of free resources to support transition

The Transition Handbook is a free resource, developed by the Educational Psychology Service, which is available to schools to support the transition for all pupils between primary and secondary school, with a particular focus on pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs. It summarises guidance and good practice in this area and provides a range of tools schools can use to plan their own transition timeline, screen pupils to identify those in greatest need and create joint action plans between primary and secondary schools.

Transition is an extension of good practice already in place in schools and as such it can begin as early as Year 5. Schools can adopt some of the materials / processes at any point during the ‘transition window’.

To access the resources please view the downloads on the following website.

We are keen to ensure that the resources are user friendly and effective in schools. We are gathering views from schools with the intention to update the materials to best meet needs in Oxfordshire. We would really appreciate it if you could find the time to complete the following online survey. We are keen to gather the views of those already using the resources as well as schools who have not yet had a chance to explore the materials.

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Educational Psychology Service