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Flexible first aid training for pupils available

St John Ambulance Training

We receive many requests from schools regarding  first aid training for pupils and we have previously been limited to term time training availability only. In order to maximise our capacity to work with schools we are now offering sessions during school  holidays, this aims to provide young people with life saving skills and is well suited to form part of the timetable within a school childcare or activity club.

If any school wishes to explore this as an option for their timetable of activities please get in touch with "Holiday First aid" as the subject header and I would be happy to forward any enquiries to the relevant trainers.  ( further Contact details below)

All sessions are offered on a non-profit basis so costs are minimal. Sessions are interactive and engaging and teach practical first aid skills, we link safety awareness and health education into each session also so that our engagement with young people can offer many benefits.

Justine Wilson

0191 256 4725