School Touring Performance: Corrosive

Headteachers, Teachers, Citizenship Teachers, PSHE Teachers
Free KS4/KS5 Tackling Radicalisation with Pegasus Theatre

Good afternoon,

We’re taking bookings now for a FREE show, tackling radicalisation and extremism in young people aged 14+ - developed with students from City of Oxford College.

Corrosive by Karim Khan has been in development over the past 3 years, working closely with young people to capture real stories of radicalisation today.
By working together on the play and educational resources, we hope to build more awareness and resilience to protect vulnerable young people from radicalisation online.

We’re currently liaising with schools & local authority groups to develop educational resources to accompany the piece on the tour.

Riz and Jack are classmates, band members, friends. Their names are etched next to each other on the bench that they meet at every week. They go there to write new lyrics and to tell each other everything…or so Jack thought.

What happens when trust is broken, a friendship is in jeopardy, and the political climate is fraught with tension?

What happens when the real poison lies where you least expect it?

Written by Karim Khan, Corrosive explores the fine lines between fear and anger, terror and hate; addressing themes of radicalisation, scaremongering and peer pressure in today’s society. Weaving original songs throughout, this engaging and challenging piece charts the journey of two teenage boys, and how each decision made has the possibility of leading to a dark and terrifying conclusion.

Pegasus Theatre presents this original piece with support from The Foyle Foundation.