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Oxfordshire Outdoor Learning discounted courses

Oxfordshire Outdoors Education Centres at Kilvrough Manor, Yenworthy Lodge and Woodlands OEC

2020 Offer - High quality residential outdoor education courses

We have a limited number of weeks available across all 3 Centres for January and February

2020 which we are offering a specially discounted price of
£220 per pupil (current 2019/20 price £330pp)

This covers full board and lodging; tuition; equipment; no charge for adults and is inclusive of transport for Oxfordshire schools.
We design the content of courses to suit your needs, so this is a golden opportunity to explore how you can use the new OFSTED criteria within the context of a residential course. As an example your focus might be on boosting resilience, confidence and wellbeing as well as incorporating academic themes eg a local river study. These courses will allow you to develop and build on these experiences for the remainder of the school year.
All 3 centres are externally validated and hold AALS licences; AHOEC GOLD badge; LOtC and Adventuremark, all of which are explained on our website safety page
Worried about the weather? This year we had cold and dry in January, a direct contrast to the current wet and warm of June, a winter residential has its own unique opportunities, so don’t be put off by the time of year.

The quality of the experience for your groups is what counts. Have a look at our website to see in more detail what is on offer and what you can get out of a course with Oxfordshire Outdoors.

To discuss options, availability and how we can meet your needs please contact:
admin.kilvrough@oxfordshireoutdoors.co.uk / 01792 232743