OCC Cycle Training Scheme - Bikeability

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OCC Cycle Training & Bikeability Training available to all schools

The Oxfordshire County Council’s Road Safety Team has delivered cycle training for children in the county for many years. Members of the team played a key role in the very first National Standards for On-road Cycle Training that was introduced many years ago. Since then, the team has developed, promoted and delivered the activity of safe on-road cycling to numerous children over the age of 9.

The Oxfordshire Cycle Training Scheme has been running for over 30 years and relies on a large group of volunteer instructors that deliver the training courses in schools. These volunteers are trained and supported by the Road Safety Team and their dedicated Cycle Examiners/Trainers. Once trained a volunteer instructor will run a course in their school and arrange for an Examiner to visit on their last session to assess the trainees and monitor the effectiveness of the training.

The training should be fun, enjoyable and informative for everyone involved. Instructors do not have to ride a bike as all the training can be delivered from the roadside.  All training and volunteers are covered by the OCC Insurance scheme.

A course involves a minimum of 6 hours on road training, as well as a preliminary off-road session where bikes are checked for safety and the children are assessed on their initial skills. The Highway code for cyclists is also studied. The delivery of the course varies between schools and the availability of their volunteers. The course could be run over 1 week (1 session per day) or up to 6 weeks (1 session per week) or any arrangement between these. We recommend sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours long and the maximum of children allowed on each course is 12 with at least 2 instructors, 1 of which must be trained and on the register of instructors.  The course is supported by numerous resources including full detailed training notes, highway code question sheets, advice on suitable training sites and diagrams.

The Oxfordshire Cycle Training is available to all schools in the county and is available at no cost to the schools.  If you need volunteers trained, please contact Kirsty to find out your next steps. Please note, volunteers can be staff, parents and carers.

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