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New information from the Oxfordshire Health Visiting Service

Health and developmental reviews at 9-12 months and 2 – 2 ½ years for “universal” families are being done in a new way that has had really good feedback from parents. We have had pilot sessions and continue to tweak based on feedback, but are really pleased with how helpful parents who have attended the sessions have found them. As with anything new we are getting more DNA’s that usual for these group – but DNA’s are decreasing and we feel getting the word out in a greater way will help. It is also helping us to see more children.

Parents with children at the appropriate age are invited to a session. The sessions last about an hour and include 121 time with a health professional, as well as a health promotion time alongside other parents, with the opportunity to ask questions. They are also great for peer support – parents helping each other out with tips (for example how to get dental appointments!).  Another bonus is health promotion material/posters etc, are available.

Attached is the advertising poster. This poster could be put up in the local library, EY settings etc. We would so appreciate if you get the poster out to your settings/teams to help promote