Emerging from the pandemic - persistent absentee arrangements

All Schools
Guidance from the Learner Engagement Team
  • Whereabouts of the child unknown should be referred to County Attendance Team following all school procedures as normal.   
  • Whereabouts of the child known to be abroad, contact made with the family, expected return date to Oxfordshire known (irrespective of timeframe) – School to keep the child on roll and keep liaising with family.  G unauthorised holiday code may be appropriate in these circumstances.
  • Whereabouts of the child established, contact made with the family and expected return date to the UK unknown – School to review the situation with the family in 2 weeks. If there is still no known return date the parent should be advised that if they have no firm plans, in a further 20 school days the child will be removed from roll on the basis that the child is no longer ordinarily resident within a reasonable distance of the school.  G unauthorised holiday code may be appropriate in these circumstances.
  • Benefits Agency will be informed, and the child logged as Child Missing Education on the national S2S database by Oxfordshire County Council.
  • All contact with the family, attempted and successful, must be recorded.  
  • Head Teachers have the full discretion to authorise or unauthorise requests for holiday in term time.  Given the current national travel requirements and considering the time lost in the classroom and with peers during the pandemic, should Head Teachers not authorise, Oxfordshire County Council would support this position.  Penalty Notices and Prosecutions are sanctions available to be drawn upon.    

Any further queries, please contact Attendance@oxfordshire.gov.uk or Childrenmissingeducation@oxfordshaire.gov.uk