Emergency Plan Contact Information

"Its time to update your Emergency Plan Contact Details"

The Emergency Plan relies on up to date contact details being available for all establishments. This information is used to make urgent contact with the Head of Establishment, or to gain access to the building, out of normal working hours.

Even if your school has Academy status we are still requesting you give us these contacts we would like to hold this data for Emergency issues. The Police and Fire Service will contact us initially if there were an incident

Examples of when the contact details are used include:

  • Advise senior school staff of a serious out of hours property incident such as a fire/flood etc
  • Gain access to the building for urgent repair & maintenance
  • Make urgent arrangements to use the accommodation for peace time emergency e.g. provision of temporary rest centre facilities

It is important that the contact details for each establishment include senior members of staff as well as the site Manager/Caretaker. All of the people on the list must be key holders.

I have attached the form to be completed and returned to Fis.enquiries@oxfordshire.gov.uk as soon as possible