Don’t forget to record sickness

Maintained Schools Heads, Business Managers, Administrators
Recording in IBC self-service

You should use BC self-service to record all sickness in your school.

This is really important for absence monitoring and it also ensures sick pay is triggered for those on long term sick and pay is reinstated when someone returns to work.

Get it right first time
If someone is off sick you need to record their absence in IBC self-service at the start of the absence and update the sickness record with the end date when they return to work.

You don’t need to record a separate absence for each day or each week the member of staff is off sick if the period is continuous. If you do this it creates multiple sickness absences on the employee record.

Please note how to record part-day sickness (see below).

Remember when entering your sickness:
• Record first day of sickness in IBC self-service, ideally on the first day absent but it should be within seven days.
• When you enter the last day of sickness this needs to be the last day the person was ill not the day they returned to work. If the last day is unknown at the point of recording, the absence should have an end-date of 31.12.9999. This can then be amended when the employee returns to work.
• If someone is sick for part of a day, tick ‘Part day sickness’ and enter the number of hours they were absent in the ‘Number of hours sick’ field. If they don’t return to work the next working day, a new sickness absence needs to be recorded. This is because you record part-day sickness as one event and then the on-going sickness as a new event.
• If someone only take sick leave for one day the first and the last day need to be the same, otherwise it will be recorded as two days.
• If someone if off work for more than seven calendar days they must provide a statement of fitness for work, also known as a ‘fit note’ or 'sick note', which is usually issued by their GP or a hospital doctor. This needs to be given to the head teacher.

Staff with multiple employments
Absences for staff with multiple employment contracts are entered in the same way as for other staff
• Sickness absences are automatically copied to each personnel number overnight. Other absences must be entered onto each active record where appropriate
• Any subsequent changes, i.e. change of return date, will need to be made manually to each personnel number, regardless of the type of absence
• If an employee is absent on a long-term sickness with an end date of 31.12.9999, you must remember to amend each personnel record with the last day of absence when they return
• If an employee is not off sick on all of their contracts, i.e. they are unable to work in the kitchen at lunchtime (upset stomach) but are still able to work as a cleaner you must raise an HR enquiry form.
• If the employee has another contract in a different school, raise an HR enquiry form.

Visit IBC self-service for more help and support, search for ‘Sickness’ and there is information on the schools’ intranet: