Do you raise customer invoices?

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Please make sure you include complete and accurate information.

If you raise customer invoices, it is your responsibility to make sure you include complete and accurate information.

When information is missing or incomplete, it may lead to the customer not paying the invoice and can make it difficult to chase the debt.

It is recommended that, where applicable, you include the following information in your invoices:

  • What the invoice is for.
  • The customer’s purchase order reference – note, the ‘Specific invoice requirements’ field on the invoice template can hold a maximum of 10 characters. If the customer purchase order reference exceeds this, please leave the field blank and add the purchase order reference in the body of the invoice text.
  • Who requested the goods/services.
  • The billing periods.
  • A contact e-mail address - the invoice will automatically include your name and Correspondence e-mail address. Make sure your Correspondence e-mail address is populated and up-to-date through the ‘My Information’ app on the Shared Services (IBC) Portal. If you have a shared inbox e-mail you might also wish to include this in the body of the invoice.