Covid-19 FAQs 22.09.2020

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COVID19 FAQs 22.09.20

Q: Health and Safety spot checks in schools - What will HSE ask me when and if they ring?


  • Has the school read the government guidance/ public health guidance?
  • Has the school undertaken a COVID19 risk assessment?
  • Who has been involved in writing the risk assessment; have staff, managers and any union appointed representatives had any input?
  • On a scale using never, sometimes, usually and always, are people able to maintain safe distance from one another?
  • How is the school mitigating the risk if they are unable to maintain a 2m distance; they were not interested in general hygiene, cleaning etc. more of what the school were doing about physical environmental controls on-site such as one-way systems, separate entry/exit points, staggered start/finish times etc.
  • A discussion about class bubbles
  • How many staff were employed and how many were on-site?

You will be informed that the information you share will be collated by the HSE who may decide to visit.

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Q: Who do I notify if advised by the health protection team to close a class?

A: For partial school closure, including of class/year group bubbles email 

Q: Where can I find further help with home learning when we have closed a class or bubble at short notice?

A: Schools are advised to have a plan in place to support children at home. Please make sure you have a plan for all possible scenarios e.g. whole or partial bubble closure. See here for further information.

The Oak National Academy website has free video lessons, resources and activities, covering most subjects, from Reception to Year 11 

Q: Where can I find out information about confirmed cases of coronavirus in Oxfordshire?

A: Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Oxfordshire and video from our Public Health Director cab be found at  here

Q: When should I issue a test kit at school?

A: You can now give them to staff and families who cannot access a kit.  However, please be aware that kits can only be re-ordered every 3 weeks (see below).

Q: How do I make an order for additional COVID19 tests?

A:An online portal is now live for schools and further education (FE) providers to order additional Covid-19 test kits if they have run out, or are running out of their initial 10 kits supplied for use in line with DfE guidance.

A new order for test kits may be placed 21 days after education providers receive a delivery confirmation email telling them that their previous supply of test kits has been sent. These kits are only for those who develop one of the symptoms of COVID19 and face significant barriers to accessing a test. In particular, they will help schools and colleges get their symptomatic staff who test negative back to work as soon as they feel well enough, to ensure the continuity of education for pupils and students.

Schools and FE providers will receive a unique organisation number (UON) via email from the Department of Health and Social Care which will be needed to place orders.

Q: What information can I give families if their child is showing coronavirus (COVID19) symptoms or someone in their household is showing symptoms?

A: You can share What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term

Parents should not send their child to their nursery, childminder, school or college if:

For further information visit this webpage.

Q: Can staff move between bubbles and can an anxious member of staff wear a visor?

A: Staff moving between bubbles need to main social distancing, good hygiene procedures and must not attend school is they are unwell. If a staff member still feels anxious, a visor may be used if it forms part of your risk assessment.

Q: Should governor meetings continue to be virtual?

A:  Yes.  This ensures social distancing takes places and you are not meeting in confined spaces. It is less likely for COVID19 to be transmitted.  

Q: Who do parents ring about a child’s health matters? 

A: Parents should telephone their Health Visitor if their child is under the age of 5 or contact their GP for non-COVID19 concerns

Q: Do children and young people need to wear facemasks on school transport? 

A: It is advisable for children over the age of 11 to wear a face covering on school transport.. guidance.

Q: What do I do if there is congestion near our school site?

 A: For support with congestion concerns e-mail There will be an item in Schools News next week to launch an app to encourage more families to walk or cycle to school.