Computer bug in DfE supplied windows devices

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Bug fix information

Please see below information recieved from the DfE in relation to windows devices supplied by the DfE.


Dear colleague,

We previously wrote to you about a bug that some children and young people are experiencing that means they cannot log in to their Microsoft Windows laptops and tablets.

Since then, we have received an increasing amount of feedback that affected users are unable to log in to their devices.

The bug on the Windows devices means users may find that the login is defaulting to the “.\localadmin” account and asking for a password, which they do not have.

This email sets out how users can get around the bug and make sure it stops happening on their laptops and tablets, permanently.

Find out if your devices are affected

You should ask the schools and/or social workers that distributed the devices to check that all children, young people and their families are able to log in to the devices they have been given.

How to fix the bug

If your devices are affected by this bug, give this information to children, young people and their families to help them log in to their Windows laptops and tablets:

To fix the bug permanently, children, young people and their families will need to:

  • follow the steps in this user guide to apply the “.\localuser” workaround and log in to the device:
  • connect the device to the internet so it can receive the fix update – leave the device turned on, plugged in to the mains and connected to the internet for at least 3 hours for the fix to be applied
  • restart the device – if the fix has been successful, the device should automatically login as “localuser”. If the user has previously set up a password they will need to enter it. If the device does not login automatically or the username is not “localuser” at the login prompt, then the fix has not been applied and the user may need to repeat the process.

We hope this information helps you to support any children and young people who are experiencing problems with this. You can find more guidance about your Microsoft devices here:

If users are still having trouble logging in to their devices, or you have any questions, please email

With thanks and regards,

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