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Get your new starter forms in on time

Make sure you get new starter forms in as soon as possible for new staff - best practice is to send the new starter form in a month before start date.

Legislation introduced in 2019, called the Good Work Plan, states we have to issue contracts to new staff on the first day of employment.

This isn’t happening for all schools because of delays in notifying the IBC, which leads to staff not receiving contract documents on time.

To make sure your school is legally compliant and issuing contract documents on the first day of employment, you must submit your new starter forms before the employee’s start date.

Starter forms can still be submitted while payroll is closed. Once payroll reopens these go through into the system.

Please note: if you submit a form while payroll is closed you’ll receive a warning message that payroll is closed when you go into the New Starter form. Then when you submit it will say it has gone to error but this is fine, as it will just be due to the system closure and will be picked up when payroll opens again.

• Always check ‘My enquiry’ for outstanding queries
• Whenever you receive notification from the IBC asking for more information about starters, please respond quickly
• Delays in schools answering queries about contracts result in documents being issued late.

Try webchat
If you need support with managing starters, check the help pages in IBC (search for ‘Manage Starters’). If this doesn’t answer your question, try webchat. It takes less than 20 seconds to get touch with Customer Support through webchat and you can access it via the ‘contact us’ page in IBC . It’s also available on other guidance pages. Click on the orange icon at the bottom right of the screen ‘Need help chat now’ to start your chat.