Annual Reviews of EHC Plans

Headteachers, SENCO's
Useful information to make sure an annual review goes well

The annual review of an EHC plan is an important meeting with the child/young person and family at the centre of the process.  The first annual review must be held within 12 months of the date when the EHC plan was issued and after that within 12 months of the previous review. There is guidance and paperwork on the SEND Local Offer to help you manage the annual review process.

It includes a helpful checklist in the Annual Review guidance document which supports you in planning starting 8 weeks before the meeting.

The review is an opportunity for all involved including the child/young person to consider progress for each of the outcomes set out in the plan and the effectiveness of provision. Everyone invited must be given at least 6 weeks’ notice of the review meeting. Check the plan and with the family to make you invite everyone who can contribute to reviewing and forward planning, for example around key transition points and/or preparation for adulthood.  

Use the Letter to Professionals with professionals report  to help colleagues contribute to reviewing that the provision in the EHC plan is still accurate and continues to support progress towards outcomes.

Make sure that all reports and the parent and child or young person’s views must be sent to all invited at least 2 weeks before the meeting.

There is a model agenda provided in the guidance which is designed to help you manage an effective meeting.

Within 2 weeks of the meeting send the completed record of an annual review (ROAR) meeting to the relevant North/Central/South SEN Area Team e-mail address along with an annotated copy of the EHCP with any changes proposed and any other supporting other paperwork listed on the meeting record form.

The Council for Disabled Children have developed an animation to explain the annual review process which you may find useful.

Please give parents and young people the opportunity to provide feedback about the annual review process – comments received have included ‘our thoughts and views were listened to and considered throughout the meeting’ with 89% of responses received saying the Annual Review process was good or very good.

There have been delays in processing paperwork received by the Local Authority after an Annual Review but plans are in hand to improve the situation.