2019 KS2 Question Level reports

Now available in FFT Aspire

2019 KS2 Question level reports are now available in FFT Aspire. The reports, which cover 2019 tests AND 2017-2019 combined tests, provide a unique summary of each individual school's performance in KS2 Reading, Maths and EGPS. They allow schools to identify more detailed strengths and areas for improvement at KS2 'strand' level. Key features include:

  • Simple bar chart & table reporting for both 'correct marks' & 'questions attempted'
  • Three year ‘2017 to 2019' aggregation providing more robust data for planning
  • Quickly identify whole school issues AND differences across attainment groups
  • Strands are ordered from high to low based on the % of marks available in the test, making it easier to identify key gaps and prioritise actions.