Governor Services Bitesize Training

Short online courses created by Oxfordshire Governor Services

Governor Services Bitesize Training provides a quick and convenient way for governors to find out about their role and the associated responsibilities.  New governors are full governors from the day they join the board and this package of resources is designed to support a clear understanding of the basics of governance and to act as a stepping stone to the core training package offered by Governor Services.  The courses also offer a quick refresher for more experienced governors or for boards who want to spend time discussing their school in relation to a particular topic.

Written by experienced governors, the training:

  • Identifies the key areas new governors need to know or understand
  • Signposts key documents or guidance for governors
  • Provides an overview of processes and indicates best practice
  • Encourages reflection and  research around the governor’s own school and governance experience.

Each training can be accessed via the links on the right and completed at a convenient time, either in one go or in several smaller sessions. A certificate of completion can be requested by completing the quiz at the end of each course.