Learner Engagement Service

Advising schools, families and partner agencies on including pupils in education

The Learner Engagement Service has worked with partner organisations to develop the Learner Engagement Strategy – this will guide the work of the service and partners to deliver on our shared commitment to ensure that all Oxfordshire’s school-aged children receive their full educational entitlement.

Who we are and what we do:

Below is a brief summary of the remit of the teams which make up the Learner Engagement Service. Further details can be found by following the links on the right of this page. 

The Behaviour and Attendance help line for Schools can be contacted to raise general queries about attendance, exclusion and children missing education or to seek advice.
The line operates from Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm during term-time. Call 01865 323513 and select ‘option 1’
Name Job Title Email
Deborah Bell Head of Service deborah.bell@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Jo Goodey Education Inclusion Manager joanna.goodey@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Jo Robinson Acting Education Inclusion Manager jo.robinson@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Jane Elvidge Acting Senior Inclusion Consultant OXSIT jane.elvidge@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Exclusion and Reintegration Team

Working closely with schools, governors, parents and professional colleagues to provide advice and guidance to prevent exclusion and ensure that procedures are followed correctly when a pupil is permanently excluded. We co-ordinate the admission of vulnerable children and young people without a school place, including those who have been permanently excluded and those unable to obtain a school place through County Admissions processes. Exclusion and Reintegration Officers can also advise on the process of Managed Move whereby a pupil moves school in a planned way, with the agreement of the parent and schools involved, usually to prevent permanent exclusion.

More about the Exclusion and Reintegration Team

Email: ERT@oxfordshire.gov.uk

County Attendance Team

Providing guidance to schools and parents, to ensure regular school attendance, alongside statutory duties to issue Penalty Notices and Prosecutions under Section 444 of the Education Act 1996 and the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 amendment. Working closely with partner agencies to ensure appropriate actions delivered as early intervention and prevention measures.

More about the County Attendance Team

Email: attendance@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Elective Home Education

Establishing and maintaining contact with families educating their children at home with consent, offering parents appropriate advice in the best interests of their children. Guidance is also provided for head teachers on what to do if a parent of a child on their school roll opts to home educate.

More about Elective Home Education

Email: ehe@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Pupil Tracking

Working with schools to identify children and young people who have left a school without a confirmed destination. The Pupil Tracking Officer liaises with partner agencies and other local authorities, firstly to establish the family’s new address, and then to ensure that a school application is made and the young person moves into new educational provision. Also working to indentify pupils who are missing education that have never been on roll of a school, free school or academy in Oxfordshire.

More about Pupil Tracking

Email: missing.pupils@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Children Missing Education

A co-ordinated list of Children who are without a school place, children who are being educated by Meadowbrook College and children who are on schools rolls and are known to be temporarily on reduced timetables.  The team works closely with colleagues within the local authority, with schools and with partner agencies to reduce the length of time that children are without a school place or on reduced timetables. A strategic group oversees this work and will challenge barriers that prevent access to full time education provision.

More about Children Missing Education

Email: childrenmissingeducation@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Oxfordshire School Inclusion Team (OXSIT)

The team of OXSIT Inclusion Consultants offer support to mainstream primary and secondary schools. They are experienced SENCOs and school leaders. They offer support to primary and secondary schools across Oxfordshire to improve inclusive practice, improve engagement in education, improve progress and attainment of learners vulnerable to under-achievement. OXSIT support the strategic development of inclusion provision in schools with a particular focus on early identification and improving provision for pupils at SEN Support by developing an effective graduated response that improves outcomes for learners. We offer training for all staff, SENCOs and TAs on a range of Special Educational Needs and on good practice for SEND.

More about Oxfordshire School Inclusion Team (OXSIT)

Alternative Provision Directory

Advice to schools seeking providers of alternative education placements for pupils on their roll, including information on commissioner/provider responsibilities, sample documentation and an Approved Providers List.

More about Alternative Provision Directory

Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences - A 50-min online course funded by the Home Office Early Intervention Fund.

Guidance for schools on working with visitors who display threatening behaviour or abuse

As part of our Learner Engagement Strategy in Oxfordshire, a multi-agency group (including headteachers, inclusion leaders, union representatives and parents) have been working on a guide to support school leaders in working with visitors who display threatening, abusive or vexatious behaviour.

We are here to support you in your work and help remove potential barriers to learner engagement in Oxfordshire. We hope you find this guidance useful.