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Establishment Health and Safety Policies 


Subject Document name Issue date
Academies H&S Key changes and considerations June 2013
Accident Reporting A user’s guide to on line reporting  N/A
  Incident Reporting in Schools HSE Guidance  
Accidents Accidents incidents and near-misses Oct 2018
Agile working Agile Working Policy Sept 2018
Anaphylaxis Managing Allergens in the Workplace - A guide for Employers and Employers Mar 2022
Anaphylaxis Online training during COVID19 pandemic Aug 2021
Animal safety Dogs and Safety at Work Aug 2022
Animal safety Animals in the classroom Oct 2018
Anti-bullying Anti-bullying Harassment and Discrimination Policy Schools Dec 2021
Asbestos Shine Portal (OCC maintained schools only) Dec 2022
Asbestos Emergency procedures and advice for schools (Safety Action Bulletin) Apr 2016
Asbestos Asbestos Policy Mar 2021
Asbestos Asbestos Management Folder Update 2022 Aug 2022
Asbestos Possible Inadvertant Exposure Reporting Form 2022 Aug 2022
Asbestos Asbestos Management in Schools - DfE Guidance Oct 2020
Asbestos Asbestos Management Checklist for Schools - HSE Aug 2022
Asbestos Managing asbestos in schools FAQs - HSE Aug 2022
Asbestos Asbestos Essentials (work with asbestos) - HSE Aug 2022
Asbestos Damaged asbestos in ceiling voids and installation of cabling - Safety Action Bulletin Feb 2012
Asthma Guidance on the use of emergency inhalers Oct 2014
Asthma Statutory guidance on supporting pupils at school with medical conditions Oct 2014
Asthma Supporting pupils with medical conditions - templates Oct 2014
AEDs Automated external defibrillators guidance - DfE Jan 2023
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Subject Document name Issue date
Boiler/plant rooms  Safe Management of Boiler rooms Oct 2018
Bunsen Burner Mats  Bunsen Burner Mats - Safety Action Bulletin Nov 2014
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Subject Document name Issue date
Chemicals Safe storage and disposal of hazardous materials (pdf format, 227Kb) Oct 2017
Chemicals safety - COSHH Chemical safety COSHH Apr 2022
COSHH COSHH Risk Assessment Form Template 2018 Oct 2018
Cleaning Cleaning Tool Box Talks July 2019
COVID19 Alcohol gel May 2020
COVID19 COVID19 School return Sept 2021 Risk Assessment and Action Plan Aug 2021
COVID19 COVID19 Outbreak Management Plan Sept 2021 Aug 2021
COVID19 OCC Vulnerable Staff Individual Risk Assessment Schools March 2021 Mar 2021
COVID19 OCC Vulnerable Staff RA Guidance Note Mar 2021
COVID19 Cleaning procedure during COVID19 pandemic May 2020
COVID19 CIBSE Covid 19 Ventilation guidance July 2021
COVID19 HSE Ventilation and air conditioning during the Coronavirus pandemic Aug 2021
COVID19 CLEAPSS GL343 Guide to doing practical science in a partially reopened school May 2020
COVID19 CLEAPSS GL345 Guidance for science departments returning to school after an extended period of closure May 2020
COVID19 Coronavirus fact sheet for children June 2020
COVID19 Face coverings - GOV.UK guidance Aug 2020
COVID19 First Aid at Work April 2020 with COVID July 2020
COVID19 HSE - First aid cover and qualifications during the coronavirus outbreak May 2020
COVID19 HSE - PPE video May 2020
COVID19 PPE - Correct procedure; donning, doffing and disposal May 2020
COVID19 CO2 monitors in education and childcare settings Oct 2021
Cleaning Dust and Dry Sweeping Oct 2018
Cleaning Clearing Snow and Ice Safely Oct 2018
Construction safety CDM Nov 2022
Consultation Consultation with employees on health and safety Jan 2020
Contractors Contractors Safety Notice - Academy July 2019
Contractors Contractors Safety Notice - Maintained May 2019
Contractors/consultants  Contracting Safely Oct 2018
Contractor Standards Contractor Standards Apr 2021
Contractor Standards PQQ and RAMS Template Apr 2021
Critical incidents CIEMP Oct 2018
Critical incidents  Emergency planning and response for education, childcare and children's social care settings Apr 2022
Critical incidents School and college security - GOV.UK Nov 2019
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Subject Document name Issue date
Design & Technology Design and Tech in Secondary Schools Oct 2018
Design & Technology Design and Tech in Primary Schools Oct 2018
Disability and work Health and safety guidance for disabled people from the HSE N/a
DSE safety DSE workstation self-assessment checklist (pdf format, 52Kb) Aug 2020
DSE safety Policy, guidance and self-assessment checklist (pdf format, 307Kb) Apr 2017
Driving at work RA Driving at Work Mar 2022
Driving at work Driving at work Policy Mar 2022
Driving at work Volunteer driver declaration Jan 2020
DSEAR Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres Nov 2019
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Subject Document name Issue date
Educational visits Off-site visits guidance N/a
Electrical safety Electrical Safety Policy 2019 Feb 2019
Electrical safety Electrical Safety PAT 2021 Mar 2021
Emergency plans Emergency School Closure Procedure Issued by School Organisation Team N/a
Extended use of schools Extended Use of Schools Oct 2018
Essential School Maintenance Good estate management for schools - GOV.UK Oct 2020
Essential School Maintenance GOV.UK - tools and checklists Oct 2020
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Subject Document name Issue date
Farm visits  LEAF Education Oct 2018
Farm visits HSE Guidance Indg472 Oct 2018
Fire safety Fire hazard - sheds - Safety Action Bulletin June 2007
Fire safety Risk Assessment - Educational Premises Communities and Local Government website N/a
Fire safety Educational premises (.pdf format, 1.9 Mb) Issued by HM Gov Jun 2006
Fire safety Small and medium places of assembly Issued by HM Gov Jun 2006
Fire safety Transport premises and facilities Issued by HM Gov Jun 2006
Fire safety Means of escape for disabled people (.pdf format, 1 Mb) Issued by HM Gov Jun 2006
Fire safety Fire action poster Issued by HM Gov Jun 2006
Fire safety Policy, strategy and management procedures Jan 2022
Fire safety Fire Safety Log Book Procedures 2019 Feb 2019
Fire safety Fire risk assessment template 2019 Feb 2019
Fire safety Fire Safety Management Plan - template  Aug 2022
Firework safety Firework safety Aug 2011
Firework safety CLEAPSS information - fireworks and explosives Oct 2021
Firework safety HSE Explosives - Organising firework displays Oct 2021
First aid Basic advice on first aid at work Issued by HSE N/a
First aid First Aid at work Jan 2019
First aid Allergic reactions anaphylaxis guidance Oct 2019
Food safety Natasha's Law Oct 2021
Food safety SFBB - Safer food, better business Feb 2023
Flu   Flu pandemic - main guide for schools Issued by DfES 2006
Flu Flu pandemic - summary guide for schools Issued by DfES 2006
Flu Flu Pandemic - guide for parents Issued by DfES 2006
Flu Increasing Norovirus activity - Safety Action Bulletin Dec 2010
Flu Seasonal flu - Safety Action Bulletin Jan 2011
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Subject Document name Issue date
Gas safety OCC Gas Safety Policy Oct 2022
Gas safety Gas Installation and use Oct 2018
Gas safety Gas Safety in school kitchens Oct 2018
Gas safety Underground LPG HSE guidance indg428 Mar 2022
Glazing safety Glazing safety Feb 2023
Governors Delegated responsibilities Aug 2020
Governors Governance Handbook Oct 2020
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Subject Document name Issue date
Hepatitis Hepatitis and blood borne viruses Jan 2023
Home visiting Home visiting - assessing risks Oct 2018
Home working Agile working Oct 2018
Hot drinks Hot Drinks Guidance Jan 2020
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Subject Document name Issue date
ICT Laptop computer charging trolleys - Safety Action Bulletin Oct 2009
Induction Health and Safety - Employee Induction Booklet Mar 2020
Induction Checklist temporary employees Apr 2007
Induction Induction Checklist permanent employees Apr 2007
Induction Checklist department specialist Apr 2007
Infection control Safe Cleaning Disposal Blood Bodily Fluids Oct 2018
Infection control Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities - GOV.UK Oct 2018
Infection control Infectious Diseases Jan 2023
Infection control UKHSA Management of scarlet fever Jan 2023
Insurance Insurance - General Requirements 2019 May 2019
Interactive whiteboards Interactive whiteboards and projectors Oct 2018
    Jan 2019
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Subject Document name Issue date
Ladder safety Ladder and stepladder safety Jan 2020
Lifts HSE Thorough examination and testing of lifts Aug 2019
Lifting safety Lifting safety Procedure Apr 2022
Ligature Ligature Emergency Procedure and Grab Pack Jan 2019
Ligature Ligature Policy Jan 2019
Lone working Risk assessments for lone working support workers - Safety Action Bulletin Feb 2010
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Subject Document name Issue date
Maintenance Planner Maintenance Planner 2022-23 Aug 2022
Manual handling Manual Handling Safety  July 2022
Manual handling  Manual handling at work - A brief guide from the HSE Jan 2020
Medical Managing bowel and bladder issues in nurseries school and colleges Oct 2019
Minibus Minibus Guidelines 2020 Sept 2020
Musculoskeletal Managing upper limb disorders in the workplace - a brief guide from the HSE Jan 2020
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Subject Document name Issue date
Needlestick Needles and sharps procedure Sept 2018
Needlestick incidents Needles and sharps - tool box and method statement Sept 2018
Newsletters Schools Newsletter Autumn 2021 Sept 2021
Newsletters Schools Newsletter Spring 2022 Mar 2022
Newsletters Schools Newsletter Autumn 2022 Sept 2022
Noise at work Noise at Work July 2022
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Subject Document name Issue date
Off-site visits Oxfordshire Outdoor Learning Services N/a
Oil Safety Safe oil delivery and storage Mar 2020
Oil Safety Oil delivery checklist Mar 2020
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Subject Document name Issue date
Personal safety Personal Safety Lone Working June 2019
Personal safety Personal Safety in schools Oct 2018
Personal safety Personal Safety - Physical and Verbal Abuse Oct 2018
Personal protective equipment PPE 2019 Jun 2019
Pest Control Pest Control Oct 2018
Physical education safety PE Policy for nursery and primary schools Oct 2018
Play equipment safety Play Equipment Safety Oct 2018
Ponds and environmental areas Ponds Oct 2018
Pregnant/new mothers New and Expectant Mothers Procedure and RA Aug 2022
Pregnant/new mothers HSE guidance June 2022
Premises Management Premises Management Folder Guidance Sept 2019 Sept 2019
Pressure systems safety Pressure systems safety regulations Oct 2018
Purchasing and maintenance Purchasing to an acceptable standard Oct 2018
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Subject Document name Issue date
Racking safety Racking Procedure Jan 2022
Radiation safety  Ionising radiation procedure  Jan 2019
Radiation safety Non-ionising radiation safety Feb 2019
Radon gas Radon Policy Mar 2021 Mar 2021
Reporting Reporting school accidents Issued by HSE Jun 2005
Responsibilities Responsibilities and Powers Oct 2018
Risk assessments Risk assessment procedure Oct 2018
Risk assessments Risk assessment form with RAG rating Feb 2016
Risk assessments Risk Assessments and Class Size Oct 2018
Risk assessments Risk Assessment Template OCC Jun 2013
Risk assessments Pupil Student Behaviour Oct 2018
Risk management Risk Management Aug 2020
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Subject Document name Issue date
Safe bathing Managing the risks of Scalding and Drowning Dec 2022
Safe Swimming Policy Safe Swimming Policy Feb 2019
Safe Swimming Policy Governor approved School Swimming Checklist Aug 2022
Safety representatives Safety Representatives Oct 2018
Safety signs Safety Signs Signals Oct 2018
Science safety Science in Secondary Schools Oct 2018
Science safety Science in Primary Schools Oct 2018
Seizures Seizure First Aid - Epilepsy Society Aug 2020
Slip and trip safety Slips trips and falls Apr 2022
Special educational needs HSE - Supporting pupils with special educational needs N/a
Stress HSE talking toolkit education Jan 2022
Stress  Stress at Work Policy Nov 2019
Stress Stress at Work Policy - Risk Assessment Form (.doc format, 55 Kb) Sep 2010
Stress Wellness Recovery Action Plan  July 2019
Supporting pupils with medical needs Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs DfE Dec 2015
Sun safety Sun Safety

Oct 2018

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Subject Document name Issue date
Teaching safety Teaching Safety Oct 2018
Tower scaffold safety Tower Scaffold Oct 2018
Traffic Management Traffic Management on school sites Dec 2019
Traffic Management Model Risk Assessment for School Traffic Management Dec 2019 
Training Dvd List Nov 2019
Training Training and Competence Oct 2018
Training  Training Matrix Academy Nov 2019
Training Training Matrix Maintained Nov 2019
Trampolining Trampolining - Safety Action Bulletin Mar 2010
Transport safety Transport Safety - Children in vehicles Oct 2018
Trees Tree safety Aug 2021
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Subject Document name Issue date
Waste Hazardous Waste Oct 2018
Waste management Waste Management Litter Oct 2018
Water hygiene Legionellosis and scalding - Schools logbook Jul 2014
Water hygiene Water Service Hygiene Policy and Procedures Oct 2018
Water hygiene Portable air chilling devices - Legionella risk (pdf format, 32Kb) - Safety Action Bulletin Jun 2007
Winter safety Winter Safety Oct 2022
Work equipment safety Work Equipment Safety PUWER Oct 2022
Work experience Work experience placements Mar 2012
Working at height Working at Height Safely Oct 2022
Working time Working Time Regulations May 2012
Workplace safety Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Oct 2018
Workplace safety Workplace Checklist Aug 2022
Workplace safety Temperature in the Workplace July 2022
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Zero Tolerance Zero Tolerance Policy 2019 May 2019
Zero Tolerance Zero tolerance violent abusive and threatening behaviour Jan 2021
Zoonoses Zoonoses - infections acquired from animals Apr 2022

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