Quality clerking significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the governing board.

By law all governing boards must have a named person who clerks their full governing board meetings. Governing boards may choose whether that person also clerks their committees. To an extent, the clerk’s duties depend on the governing board's own requirements. As a minimum they will include the following:

  • timely circulation of agendas
  • production of accurate concise minutes
  • monitoring of governing board membership and attendance
  • maintaining the register of governors’ pecuniary and business interests


The clerk’s duties may also include preparing correspondence and following up actions agreed at governing board meetings. The clerk may also act as the channel for communication between the governing board and outside agencies, such as the DfE, LA and Diocese. It is essential that the clerk have sufficient grasp of the law to be able to advise the governing board on procedural matters. The clerk should know how to access advice on legal and policy matters. The relationship between the clerk and the governing board is an important one and worth fostering. In particular, the chair of governor’s workload can be eased if they feel able to delegate tasks to the clerk. Governor Services has produced a specimen job description and person specification.

Role training and termly briefing sessions are also provided by Governor Services. Some governing boards, despite their best efforts, find it difficult to attract suitable candidates; Governor Services offers a Clerking Service to which governing boards can subscribe. Details of this service can also be obtained by contact Governor Services. In recognition of this, Governor Services provides a range of services to assist; clerk's training, briefings and the Clerking Service to which governing boards can subscribe.

Even though you may not subscribe to our Clerking Service, we can still provide an emergency clerk for governing board meetings and clerks for exclusion meetings.  Please contact Governor Services for details.

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