Work experience

The Business and Skills Bureau help ensure work experience placements are safe and good quality.

The Business and Skills Bureau organises and safety checks over 8000 targeted, safe and beneficial work experience placements for students at schools, colleges and academies across the county.

The Business and Skills Bureau provides a flexible package of work experience services, resources, information, training and support including:

  • Webview work experience system
  • Sourcing employers to host work experience placements
  • Carrying out Health and Safety checks
  • Checking employer liability insurance
  • CRB guidance
  • Support, preparation and debrief for students
  • School liaison and evaluation
  • Professional development - conferences, events and training
  • Work experience resources, forms and documents

Vetting placements for work experience

Work experience placements may be vetted only by people who are competent and have the necessary qualifications and experience to undertake such tasks and are covered by the appropriate insurance.

We recommend that placements should be vetted by staff who hold as a minimum either the 'NEBOSH' Health and Safety certificate, or, for low-risk placements only, the five-day 'IOSH Managing Safely' qualifications and have had experience of workplace assessments. These standards meet both County Council and Learning and Skills Council requirements for vetting staff to be competent to a benchmark standard of ENTO Unit D.

A qualification such as the one-day 'IOSH Working Safely', while very useful for staff who may be visiting students while they are on work experience placement, is not sufficient for checking health and safety and insurance arrangements before the student starting a placement.

All staff involved in work experience, both block and extended placements, should be aware of these requirements. In the event of an accident where the proper procedures have not been followed, liability rests with the headteacher and governing body.

Business and Skills Bureau work experience staff have been trained to the required standards and have also been trained internally in the specific requirements for vetting work placements.

Helping schools

The Business and Skills Bureau helps ensure that work experience placements are safe and good quality by carrying out Health and Safety checks on all providers. The variety of placements is limited only by safety and security restrictions, insurance cover and by the availability of some types of work.

For further information, work experience forms, resources, support and dates email or telephone 01865 323478.