Training and development

Governor Services is responsible for providing support and training to 3,500 school governors.

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If your school has subscribed to Governor Services Professional Services to schools you may attend any of the courses offered, free of charge, subject to space being available. Attendance at training by non-subscribing schools will be charged at the rates listed below. Some courses are a single session whilst others may be 2 or 3 sessions duration. Many courses are offered more than once during the year.

Pay as you use charges: 2017-18

Schools who do not wish to subscribe to Governor Services, may access the following courses on a pay-as-you-use basis.

  • Induction course for new governors (7.5 hours) per Governor £550
  • Training course from course programme (2 hours) per Governor £150
  • Training for Chairs / Aspiring Chairs (5 hours) per Governor £375
  • Attendance at partnership training events (2 hours) per Governor £150
  • In-house customised (2 hours) per Governing Body £550
  • Effective Governing Body exercise per Governing Body £550
  • Clerks Briefing per Clerk £125

How to enrol

To enrol on a course, please apply online.

It is important you book early as courses have a maximum number so it is important that you tell us you are coming. Also we make a decision about course viability 10 days before they are due to run. If delegate numbers are very low the course may be cancelled, however this is a rare occurrence.

For governors who live near or over the county boundary, or who work in our neighbouring counties, we have negotiated a reciprocal arrangement to train each other's governors. Use the links here to view courses in Warwickshire and then contact Governor Services to enrol.


In circumstances of tutor illness or extreme weather conditions, Governor Services will notify participants by telephone. In other circumstances Governor Services will notify participants in writing. Please advise us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. When numbers are low it can make the difference between holding the session or cancelling. For those schools subscribing to Option 1 of Governor Services Professional Services to Schools, there will be no charge. Non-subscribing schools will be charged as follows: 7-14 days before the event: 50% charge; 0-6 days before the event: 100% charge.

Further information