Employee Assistance Programme

We provide a range of support to help staff deal with work based and/or personal problems.

About the employee assistance programme

The employee assistance programme is delivered by a company called Vita Wellbeing.

It is a free, confidential personal support service provided by the council for its employees. It offers expert advice and information along with specialist counselling on matters such as:

  • family and personal crisis
  • illnessa
  • debt
  • bereavement
  • benefits and tax credits
  • relationships
  • legal advice.

The phone number for Vita Wellbeing is: 0800 111 6387

You’ll need to enter your organisation code, vitawellbeing, before signing in.

The online and helpline service is available to you and to members of your family living in your household.

It works best if you phone the EAP line directly but sometimes, if it’s easier for you and with your permission, your manager may refer you to the service. 

Speaking to someone

The service provides an opportunity to talk to someone who is understanding and supportive. Trained advisors and counsellors can look at your situation and help you to find ways of dealing with things.

Your call will be answered by an advisor who will offer help and support in a professional, friendly and non-judgemental manner.

An initial assessment will determine the nature of your problem and decide with you the most appropriate support.  This may be:

  • over the phone advice or counselling
  • a one-off appointment which helps you problem solve or clarify an issue.
  • in certain circumstances, referral to someone more specialist to help with your issues
  • face-to-face counselling.


Following an initial assessment you may be referred for:

  • up to six sessions of face to face counselling – provided via secure video link and face to face
  • up to six sessions of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder counselling can be organised through our current EAP provider Vita. This service has an additional cost which would need to be funded by the Service/Directorate. for further information please contact OCC’s Health and Wellbeing Advisor.

Feedback and complaints about the employee assistance programme

We aim to continually improve our service and it is of great benefit to hear your feedback. Tell us if we have done something well or not so well.

Contact Vanessa Poole, Health and Wellbeing Advisor giving details of your complaint or feedback.

Traded Services

This service is part of Traded Services to Schools and may need to be purchased as part of a package. For more details please visit the Traded Services to Schools page